The Fighting History of Our Families: Part 2 Our Families Service Back to World War 2

Bryan’s family has had someone serve in every single war since World War 2. Not all were in combat, some never deployed anywhere, and others paid the ultimate sacrifice for our nation. This family has been fighting the scourge of socialism and communism from the very beginning. It will continue to do so until there is no remnant of either group left in any place of power.

1. Uncle William “Bill” Monroe Sweetwood Jr. served in the United States Navy in the 1960’s. He served on a couple of different submarines. Being a submariner, he did not serve on the ground in Vietnam, but he did serve in the waters of Asia and Vietnam during the war.

2. Grandpa Harry Taylor Bradley served in the United States Army during the Korean War, but never deployed. He was stationed at Fort Bliss, Texas for the two years he served.

3. Great Uncle Charles O. Sweetwood was employed by the Western Pacific Railroad in Elko, Nevada in October 1946. He enlisted in the United States Army in

January of 1947 and served with the occupation forces in Japan for a couple of years. Upon completion of his service he returned to Nevada and was married. In the spring of 1950 Charles re-enlisted as a medic in the United States Army and again got sent to Japan. When the war broke out in Korea he was deployed there. Just after his 21st birthday, on September 8th, 1950, SGT Sweetwood was killed in action while caring for other wounded soldiers. From all records Charles was the first Nevadan and the first Western Pacific employee killed in the Korean war.

Due to this, and the great need for blood donations, the Western Pacific Railroad donated a train car to the American Red Cross to be used as a blood donation car in the rural communities of the western United State. The “Charles O. Sweetwood” was put into service in large ceremonies in Oakland, California and Charles’ hometown Elko, Nevada in January of 1951. It traveled over 28,000 miles in nearly three years of service. In 2017 at the Western Pacific Museum in Portola, California the train car was rededicated to Charles and the City of Portola proclaimed September 9th as Charles O. Sweetwood Day!

4. Grandpa Arnold S. Abalos enlisted in the United States Army in November 1941. Throughout World War 2 he served in the 1029th Signal Company, attached to the 55th Fighter Group. He was a Technical Sergeant by the end of the war. After returning home he spent the rest of his life serving veterans and the community in VFW Post 2350, including as a post Commander.

5. Grandpa William Monroe Sweetwood served in the United States Navy during

World War 2. He attended the United States Naval Training School (Diesel) at Columbia,

Missouri in 1943. He then served on the USS Idaho throughout the remainder of the war. The USS Idaho saw service throughout the Pacific, bombarding many of the island we fought so fiercely over.

Katy had many distant relatives that served in most of the branches of the United States military in World War 2, Korea, and Vietnam. Her immediate family will be much more represented in the wars prior to WWII.

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