Marketing Campaigns

Stickers have been used for marketing or campaigning for over 65 years, and they work!  I have found myself looking up an Instagram account or website because I saw a sticker that caught my eye, whether on a car, water bottle, or the side of a building more times than I can count. 


While today many sales take place online, 90% of people trust word-of-mouth recommendations from people they know, as seen in recent studies.  Off-line marketing is often overlooked by businesses, and that is a mistake. 


The good thing about stickers is that they are not seen as advertising, but as a small gift or an easy and fun way to support a small or large business that you love. 


A sticker can give you a unique option to offer to your customers.  They are pretty, versatile, and if used properly, lots of people will see them, which will bring traffic to your business. I know most people love the little extra things small businesses have to offer over large corporations. I have never seen anyone post about the cute sticker Walmart or Amazon included in their packages.

We offer custom stickers, from a small veteran-owned business at competitive pricing. You aren’t lining millionaires’ pockets; you are helping to feed a family of 3 who have worked hard to build a family business and become self-sufficient.

If you are interested in forming a business relationship with us, please contact us at

We would be happy to send you a couple of sample stickers for you to consider, just send us a note to our email with your address and your intended uses and we will get some in the mail to you.

At Right Side Sticker Co. we believe that we must try to take our country back politically until the very end.  We will only sell our stickers to candidates who are strict constitutional candidates, regardless of party (except Democrats).


Business logo, or promotional stickers also have a place on the market if you don’t want to give them away as a free gift. They are a low-cost, yet effective way to promote your business on or in product packaging.


Right Side Sticker Co. will also offer our own custom art stickers to businesses at a bulk rate.  There is a large profit margin on these beautiful stickers.  They don't take up a lot of room in your store, but are a great impulse buy at or near your cash register.

Contact Right Side Sticker Co. with what you are looking for in a bulk project.  We will work you through the process and get you up to date price quotes.  The higher the quality of your logo or campaign add the better the stickers will turn out.



On all orders over 100 stickers we will provide a kiss-cut sticker instead of the full die-cut.  A kiss-cut is still  a die-cut sticker but isn't cut all the way through the backing.  On large orders this saves wear and tear on our current hardware.